Stop the Forkies

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The loading screen
This is totally real, I swear.

Stop the Forkies is the sequel to Forkie Slayer.
In the game, you kill forkies once again.


  • Forkie
  • Jawful
  • Blue Forkie
  • Green Forkie
  • Kit Forkie
  • jjjj Forkie
  • Big Chungus Forkie (unused leftover from forkie slayer, game crashes if spawned)
  • Doomslayer Forkie (only available in the DOOM dlc)
  • Boohbah Forkie (leftover, but can be spawned with cheat mode)
  • Small Forkie (leftover, but can be spawned with cheat mode)
  • Teleforkie (leftover, can be spawned with cheat mode but doesn’t fully function)


  • Calub Veim
  • Hildaboo
  • Cosmic Sans


  • Super Easy Mode: every forkie is so fucking weak, win easily..has a 1% chance of being switched to the impossible mode
  • Easy Mode: forkies are partially weak
  • Normal Mode: the same health, forkies and everything, just your regular game
  • Hard Mode: 20% forkies are buffed, more jjjj forkies are bound to attack
  • Harder Mode: more buffed forkies, kit forkies and jjjj forkies have a double chance of attacking
  • Impossible Mode: all forkies are buffed, even more jjjj forkies. cheat mode disabled.
  • Hidden Mode: [INFO CLASSIFIED]

Cheat Mode

To activate cheat mode, press ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → B A. Then, a cash register sound effect will play.
You can now use these keys in-game:

  • A: Spawns a forkie
  • B: Spawns a jawful
  • C: Spawns a blue forkie.
  • D: Spawns a green forkie.
  • E: Spawns a kit forkie.
  • F: Crashes the game.
  • G: Kitfags your machine if you're running the game under WINE.
    • When running on the AES-256, tells the player "ERROR UNABLE TO KITFAG" in morse code using the system's built-in speaker.
  • H: Tries to spawn a big chungus forkie.
  • I: Spawns a Doomslayer Forkie. If DOOM DLC isn’t present, crashes the game.
  • J: Spawns a jjjj forkie.
  • K: Spawns a Boohbah forkie.
  • L: Spawns a Small forkie.
  • M: Spawns a Teleforkie.
  • N: Switches your character to Hildaboo. If your character is already set to Hildaboo, kills a random forkie.
  • O: Makes choco.jpeg every texture in the game, changes back after 9 seconds
  • P: Tries to load Level 9900, but the level file for it is absent, crashing the game.
    • In the AES-256 version, it throws you into the main menu instead.
  • Q: Level select cheat.
  • R: Goes to an alternative main menu, with different music playing and no how to play button.
  • S: Crashes the game with the error code "fuck you"
    • In the AES-256 version, it works as if you pressed R instead (see above).
  • T: Spawns 3 forkies.
  • U: Spawns 3 jawfuls.
  • V: Tries to load a file named "FORKIES.jar", but fails.
    • Absent in the AES-256 version.
  • W: Kills all forkies. Basically the most powerful cheat.
    • Instead says "ACCESS DENIED" in TTS if used in harder mode.
  • X: Summons a nuke.
    • never spam this cheat key, it will cause unbearable lag
  • Y: Kills 3 random forkies.
    • Has a 5 second cooldown
  • Z: Disables cheat mode.



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