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Greenfoot is an education focused (Secondary) IDE for Java and Stride created in 2003 by Michael K├Âlling and Poul Henriksen at the University of Kent, with assistance later from the BlueJ development team, as well as support from Oracle. It is now developed by the same group at King College London.

On the 31st of May 2006, Version 1.0 was released, and the program went open-source (GPL-2.0) in March 2009. Version 2.0 introduced major revisions to the editor and API, including support for code completion. Version 3.0 added support for Stride.

The idea of Greenfoot is to teach not just the basics of Java, but also Object-Oriented Programming as a concept. It features extensive documentation via their website as well as books. An official forum is also well used. It effectively uses standard Java with libraries to make programming with graphics, sound, and input, easier to understand. It has a visual representation of inheritance and subclasses, with the "World" and "Actor" classes. Greenfoot projects (called scenarios) can be easily imported into both BlueJ, and "proper" IDEs such as Netbeans.

Use on CollabVM

As far I know no one has attempted to produce anything using Greenfoot on CollabVM, however some java have been created using traditional IDEs or through the command line.

The Logo is not to be confused with GNOME.