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This is the privacy policy of the CollabVM Wiki. Please review this privacy policy before using any of our services.

1A. Usage Disclaimer

By using CollabVM Wiki ("this website"), you agree to this privacy policy. "Using" this website is not limited to:

  • Viewing a wiki page
  • Editing with one
  • All forms of wiki page interaction (view history, talk page usage, etc.)

1B. Abbreviations

We will use a number of abbreviations in this privacy policy. Here's the list of them:

  • This website: CollabVM Wiki
  • You: The wiki user
  • I: Lumpy HTF (the privacy policy writer, this privacy policy could be edited over time by other wiki users)
  • We/Our: The wiki owner and admins/mods (dartz, chocolateman, mv, etc)
  • 3rd Party: Anything on this website that we don't have control over (google analytics)
  • Servers: The servers hosting and running this website

1C. Warnings

This is a user-made privacy policy that has not been enforced yet. I am not qualified in writing legal documents.

This privacy policy may not be 100% accurate, and is also not exhaustive. By reading and/or agreeing to this privacy policy, you also agree to and acknowledge these warnings.

Everything written on this wiki may not accurately represent the opinions of dartz and is protected by 47 U.S.C. ยง 230.

1D. Chapters

1. Notes, Disclaimers, and Warnings

  • 1A. - Usage Disclaimer
  • 1B. - Abbreviations
  • 1C. - Warnings
  • 1D. - Chapters

2. Data Collection

  • 2A. - Data we collect
  • 2B. - Data collected when account is created or when logged in

3. Data Actions

  • 3A. What we do with your data

4. 3rd Parties

  • 4A. Advertising and Analytics

5. Actions and Content

  • 5A. Logging your actions
  • 5B. User-generated content

6. Conclusions

  • 6A. Conclusion
  • 6B. Effectiveness
  • 6C. Privacy Policy Updates

2A. Data we collect

Here's some data we collect from you when you visit this wiki. This list is not exhaustive.

  • IP Address

2B. Data collected when account is created or when logged in

We collect some additional data when you create a account or log in. Here's a list of all that data. This list still isn't exhaustive.

  • Usernames
  • Password (they are stored in a way that not we, i, nor anyone can view them)
  • Emails (if provided)
  • Real Name (if providied)
  • Wiki Preferences (managable here)

We also store "cookies" on your browser. By continuing to this site, you agree to have these cookies stored.

3A. What we do with your data

Your data is stored on the servers in most likely a safe place. We do not sell your data in exchange for any goods.

4A. Advertising and Analytics

While we don't do advertising, we run Google Analytics on this website. By using this wiki, you agree to the 3rd party's TOS and Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for any 3rd party actions.

5A. Logging your actions

Due to the negative nature of users here, we log what you do on this website. This could be anything, but is not limited to: (and this list is still not exhaustive as well)

  • Wiki contributions
  • Page discussion
  • File uploads

5B. User-generated content

You might see a page about you that may not be about you, which may be positive or negative. I am sorry if you are hurt by these pages, however, that doesn't mean we will take action againist these pages, unless the page was written by a "sped".

6A. Conclusion

This concludes the wiki privacy policy. We recommend you to read the Terms of Service as well (if there is).

6B. Effectiveness

This privacy policy is not effective yet. Mods/admins will have to change this notice to say it's effective.

6C. Privacy Policy Updates

This privacy policy was written by Lumpy HTF on May 18th, 2022, 8 to 9 AM EDT. This privacy policy might be changed (minor or major) overtime by Lumpy HTF or other wiki users, owners, or admins/mods.