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CollabVM Wiki Billboard
09-02-2022: Short pages

Hi, I'd like to discuss short pages for a bit, as we know, there are rules on the Main Page that nobody reads. One of those rules are "no spam pages", To most, this means "Oh, just don't make garbage!" Yes, true, but it also means don't make short pages. As of me writing this, we recently blocked a user for repeatedly making short pages after many page deletions. You probably don't want that same treatment, so please, stop making short pages that take a good 4 seconds to write. You will first receive a warning, and then a block if you continue.

Writing good, long pages

Your page does not have to be as long as a Wikipedia article. Instead, take a look at the Computernewb Wiki where they make good articles. You can also take a look at an article I wrote up, Patch demo. Take inspiration from these pages! Try making your articles look like that! In the end, it works out for us and it works out for you.


Please don't make short pages.

Thanks, Fishbrain out. --HolyNetworkAdapter (talk) 19:01, 2 September 2022 (UTC)

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