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CollabVM Wiki Billboard
10-1-2022: Addressing the CSS Extension

Happy October everyone! We hope you have a great month, and to start off October, we have a brand new announcement. We all know the CSS extension, It's cool, right? Unfortunately, people like to abuse it to high hell. We've seen it in 2020 with User123, and on the CollabVM Wiki with multiple people. I've come to the decision that users cannot create spam pages using CSS. EVEN IN USERSPACE. The page will be deleted, you will receive a warning just like other rule violations. Here's some things you should know:

What you SHOULD use the CSS extension for:

  • Making your userpage or page look nicer (a good example is Greenfoot)
  • Custom signatures
  • Other stuff that isn't stupid

What you SHOULDN'T use the CSS extension for:

  • Spam pages (A good example)
  • Hiding interface elements (as Strow did)
  • Being overall stupid with it.

Reminder, this extension is a privilege. If we catch that people have been abusing it, we will disable it.

That concludes today's announcement. Fishbrain out. --HolyNetworkAdapter (talk) 16:53, 1 October 2022 (UTC)

Update 10-7-2022: You can do the CSS shit in userspace now.

P.S. This doesn't mean the wiki isn't anarchy anymore, The admins can do whatever they want to (So, for instance, they could block everyone on the site if they wanted to for some ungodly reason)

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