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Welcome to the CollabVM Wiki. This is an Anarchy Wiki is dedicated to absolutely nothing at all. You can write about literally anything, as long as it's legal. Think Wikipedia and Wikibooks, but without all of those silly restrictions. The only rule is no vandalizing other pages and no spam pages.

For a serious wiki about CollabVM, visit the Computernewb Wiki.

There are currently 326 articles and 163 users across all pages since May 17, 2022. You can view our wiki's full statistics at Special:Statistics.

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  • NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Have common sense, really.
  • Don't make spam pages or vandalize other people's pages. The articles should be somewhat sensical


  • May 17, 2022: Wide open!


  • Articles: 326
  • Edits: 15,341
  • Files: 493
  • Pages: 5,222
  • MediaWiki Version: 1.39.3
  • Users: 163